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Functioning canning factory, set on 14500 sq.m plot, about 30 km away from Varna City and its International Airport

The offer presents excellent long term investment option! Functioning canning factory, located in 30 km away from Varna City and its International Airport. The village benefits from very good location - only 10 km away from the main road Varna -Bourgas, easy accsessible. Through the village runs the road between Dolen Chiflik and Staro oryahovo, there is a railway station in close proximity to the village.

The total size of the plot of the factory is 14200 sq.m, 6000 sq.m of the plot are asphalt paved. The whole property comprises:
-Main building (production hall) – 1200 sq.m
-Condensing premise – 26.10 sq.m
-Shed – 178.20 sq.m
-Loading platform – 114.20 sq.m
-Power transformer (building) – 18.30 sq.m
-Precipitant – 47 sq.m
-Storehouse for a finished production – 368.40 sq.m
-Changing rooms (incl. bathrooms and WCs) – 223 sq.m
-Room for steam generator – 189 sq.m
-Laboratory – 92.40 sq.m
-Repair shop – 22 sq.m
-Pumping station – 19.30 sq.m
-Station for fueling and lubricants – 65 sq.m
- Black oil – tank – 20 000 liters
-Gas oil – tank – 10 000 liters
The total amount of the built up area is 2562.5 sq.m

Machinery and equipment
1.Steam generators:
              - PKM 4.0 /4000 kg steam per hour.
              - PKM 2.5 /2500 kg steam per hour.- completely supplied, registrated at the Steam-boiler control agency. Composed of 2 internal water containers/2 m3+2 m3/,1 internal daytime fuel container/1.00 m3 diesel/,1 internal daytime fuel container/4.00 m3 black oil/.
Two high-pressure pump/10 Atm/,diesel station,black oil station, black oil warm-up station ,tribelt jet PLAM type,anti-explosion installation,level-measuring  installation,built-in emergency-notification installation,command block.
2.  Conveyer for the manufacture of soused products, bottled fruits, canned tomatoes etc. in twist-off jars from 0.250 ml to 3000 ml, composed of 2 brush-washing devices, inspection belt, elevator, transportation belts with 40 positions for fillers, brewser and automatic sealer with 8 heads and capacity of 5000 jars per hour.
3.Autoclaves – 7 pieces.
4.Telpher line, 2 electric hoists /1.5 t/, connecting the production room and the production warehouse.
5.Vacuum-evaporating system producing mashed products /tomato paste, mashed apples etc./ with output 90 t per 24 hours.
6.Blanch line producing blanched fruits and vegetables – completely supplied, including 3 washing devices, inspection belt, elevator, blanching steam cylinder.
 7.Pouring room – 4 steam tubs supplied with 2 pumps and a transportation belt to the conveyer.
8. Concrete reservoir 75 m3 /dug into the ground/.
9. Private water source at a depth of 40 m, providing the requisite quantity of water for the entire factory.
10.Private thermal/mineral/ spring at a depth of 450 m,at an outflow temperature of 29 С.
11. Private electric post at the power of 400 kW
Additional appurtenances:
- Autoclaving pressure balance system, including a compressor, balloon receiver 2.50 m3. The system is connected to each of the seven autoclaves.
- Water softening system entering the steam generators.
- Hydrofor system, composed of 2 hydrofor balloons/3.00 m3/, 2 force-pumps,1 supply pump, control board. The hydrofor system operates in a range of 1 Atm to 16 Atm
- Purification systems for the outgoing water.
- Water supply installation  - overhauled.
- Drainage - overhauled.
- Steam spreading system- overhauled.
- Electrical installation - overhauled.
- Steam dispense outfit - overhauled.

The tinned goods factory has been put into operation in 1988.
The tinned goods factory has been registrated as a project for food products of non-animal origin by virtue of clause 12, paragraph 1 of the Food law at the Ministry of health.

2562.5 sq.m total area
14 200 sq.m plot

Easy accsessible by asphalted road

Through the village runs the road between Dolen Chiflik and Staro oryahovo
30 km away from Varna City and its International Airport
10 km away from the main road Varna -Bourgas

Price and availability to be confirmed upon expressed interest.
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